Promotional Video - Storyboard Scripted & Revised

Research Introduction

Hi, my name is Russell Compton, and I am a product design student @ OCADU. For my final year long project, I chose to focus on improving the practice of Urban Agriculture. 

I did this for two reasons:

  1. Because I am a total foodie and have spent 17 years working in the food service industry.
  2. Also I see a series of trends that point to the increase in Urban Agriculture. Two trends stick out in particular that really underscore this point and they are:
  • A continued rise of people living in cities, both locally and abroad.
  • To service these people with fresh foods, the agricultural industry continues to adopt questionable methods.


Final Product Photography 1














Preliminary Branding Work - Bangers & Mash


Click on the image above to view the initial concepts for branding materials which were generously provided by Bangers & Mash Inc.

Promotional Video - Storyboard Rough Draft

1. Original Problem


The original problem that I tried to solve during this OCAD thesis process, was to improve the prctice of agriculture, in densely populated areas.  I felt that there exist a series a macro trends are pointing to an increase in adoption of the practice of urban agriculture, and unfortunately the current products and service solutions were inadequate to requirements of this increased adoption.

The major trends that I beleive will forccee an increase in this practice are

  1. An increase in population density
  2. A retiring generation of farmers
  3. A continued cost of living increase
  4. The food revolution - A discerning/sophisticated customer base
  5. Questionable agricultural practices


Final Product Design - Initial Renderings


Click on the image above to view a high resolution .pdf rendering of the the proposed 'vegetable revitalizer'. The design is based off  the concept of maintaining the life of vegetables brought from your local food retailer as described here: